Ownbiz Retail Profit

An Ownbizer is entitled to get products at distributor price with 10% profit bonus once he re-purchases any of Ownbiz products in order to directly retail to the customers.

Ownbiz Referral Profit

Ownbiz distributors are privileged to refer new customers through Ownbiz registration process. The customers can buy products of their choice at the given price. And the respective BV will be accounted as self BV of their introducing distributor.

Ownbiz Team Builder Bonus

Active Ownbiz distributors are entitled to get sales matching income for the matching equal Business Volume of both channel partners. Sales from each channel matched business volume will be accumulated and matched BV will be paid as sales matching income.

Ownbiz Rank Achievers Bonus

The leadership qualities will be really appreciated and rewarded once Ownbizers contribute to the growth of your team and yourself by achieving Ownbiz targeted ranks.

Ownbiz Royalty Bonus

Ownbizers will be rewarded Royalty bonus in coming 12 months continuously once he/she achieves the Diamond and above rank position.

Ownbiz Re-purchase Bonus

All Ownbiz distributors can avail additional income opportunities by re-purchasing products/ packages from Ownbiz at distributor price.

Ownbiz Online Shopping Profit

An attractive dividend portion of total business profit of the proposed Ownbiz online shoppe will be shared among the active Ownbizers.