OWNBIZ is the leaders in creating myriads of successful people who are earnest about a higher life standards. A well established legally registered company which is now becoming the ultimate word for creating victorious entrepreneurs. A strong team of experienced and specialized professionals in business and wellness industry are vowed to mould the future potential marketing segment through top grade wellness and Ayurvedic product ranges...


Creating millions of independent and unique business opportunities by expanding our heritage of wellness – Ayurveda, aiming ill - free lives along with promising a relevant solution to the unemployment that our nation faces at present. We build up a strong and dynamic network of valid and permanent satisfied customers.


  • To provide the best quality and highly effective wellness and Ayurvedic products to our customers .
  • To set up a well organized and independent business opportunities.
  • To create a platform for those who dream a better life standard with a dynamic personality and skills.
  • To hew a stable way to experience a real financial stability.
  • To enable people to choose their own desired life.
  • To enable our leaders to full fill their dreams in nearest future.